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There are 1.2 billion people worldwide and 620 million in Sub-Sahara Africa living without access to electricity

Our Vision
A world where no person needs to use kerosene lamps, candles or bio-mass for lighting.

Our Mission 
Our Mission is to deliver sustainable power and lighting solutions to improve the lives of human beings with pollution free electricity, generated by the sun at affordable prices with no compromise on performance, quality and durability. 

Our Approach 
We provide one of the most affordable, clean, high-quality entry-level solar lights to people worldwide that live without access to electricity.

SM100 Solar Light

One of the most affordable, independently certified high-quality pico-solar lights

The SM100 is one of the most affordable, independently certified high-quality solar lights, which meets Lighting Global standards. It is designed for everyday use. It is safe, clean and provides 6 hours of constant light in the evening so children can study and feel safe after dark, and parents can work to earn an income even after the sun sets. It combines an extraordinary compact and versatile design with a long lasting lithium iron phosphate battery creating a multi-functional light that meets the basic lighting needs of families living without access to an electricity grid.

Key Features

Hangable Room Light 
SM100 can be hung on the wall due to shape of metal stand

Head Torch 
Head-strap slots designed into the casing enable the SM100 to be worn as a head-torch for hand-free use. It can also be used for a lanyard or used to strap the light to bags and clothing. 

Off the Stand Use
A flat base with two small skis allows the light to be used without the stand. The angle edge on the top of the housing tilts the SM100 downwards when used off the stand, ensuring light is directed down. 

Handeheld Torch Light 
SM100 can be used as a torch light when walking. 

Due to its portable size the SM100 can also be detached from the stand and fits in your pocket. 

Desk Light 
SM100 can be used as a study light and allows 360° rotation  

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