The Story behind the SM100 Solar Light

Successful Joint Cooperation

SolarAid / SunnyMoney
Entire Market Know-How from SolarAid  & SunnyMoney based on 30.000 research interactions and sales of almost 2 million solar lights 
Future Product (formerly 'inventid')
UK based Industrial design agency with in depth competence of creating an impact by design and strong experience in the area of consumer driven innovation processes

Consumer insights shaped SM100 product design, features & functional performance based on more than 30,000 research interactions

  • Compressed and unparalleled data from more than 30,000 research interactions that SunnyMoney, SolarAid's social enterprise, had in Africa went into the development and shaped the final SM100 product design  
  • It captures SunnyMoney’s broad deep consumer insights on solar light usage while selling more than almost two million solar lights across rural Africa in six countries over the past nine years

Proof of Value Proposition

Before the SM100 solar light was launched in October 2016 it was successfully trialed with 9,000 families in Malawi, Uganda, and Zambia.   

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