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The Namene Solar Light Company produces and distributes an ultra-affordable, high-quality entry-level solar lights, the SM100, to people worldwide that live without access to electricity. The SM100 is a multi-functional pico-solar light that meets the basic lighting needs of low-income families living without access to electricity or as a first-response light in the aftermath of humanitarian crises. 

We are a group of entrepreneurial solar energy and financing experts, passionate about our mission to deliver sustainable power and lighting solutions to improve the lives of human beings with pollution free electricity at affordable prices, generated by the sun, with no compromise on performance, quality and durability.

Darren Thompson

Managing Director

Namene Solar Light has a big vision: A world where no one needs to use kerosene, candles or bio-mass for lighting.  Our team is totally dedicated to contributing our part to make this vision a reality and this only works when we keep innovating and stretching ourselves every day.

Patrick Lagrange

Managing Director

“Playing with your kids, developing their creativity and imagination is a privilege denied to many due to the lack of light” Here at the Namene Solar Light company, we aim to give everybody the chance to spend more time with their loved ones. There is no price in educating your children and no better reward than the smile you receive in return.

Jason Wallis

Financing Director 

Namene Solar Light Company values the importance of connecting people to the sun. As such, we are designing and implementing economically sustainable models that bring clean reliable energy solutions to people by utilizing private capital. We believe everyone deserves to have access to electricity and it is our mission to deliver lighting solutions to improve lives by providing pollution free electricity at an affordable price.

Denis Daumal

Head of Corporate Carbon Strategy

“Action against climate change is necessary and urgent” Namene Solar Light Company is actively trying to find solutions that we can implement as a company for the benefit of the climate. When asked “what do we do for the climate?” our answer is “We are bringing a different solution to an everyday problem for some with our SM100 Solar Light.” The Namene Solar Light solution has the elegance of being beneficial to the planet, the people, and participating companies.

Carolin Stähler

Communications Director 

We are a global company which contributes to making modest steps in direction of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) every day. I am proud to be part of a team that does its part to improve the life of people whose everyday living is brutally challenging. We bring clean and safe energy to those people and create a good local impact.  

Henry James

Head of Product Design 

Namene Solar Light Company focuses on the needs of people, this is why our SM100 Solar Light is so important to changing the way we see lighting solutions, “As the designer of this light I am very aware of the issues facing those who do not have access to electricity” We believe at Namene Solar Light that the challenge to tackling climate change is through design-led solutions, ethically sourced products and empowering people by connecting them to the sun.

Massimo Lisanti

Technical Director 

My mentor uses to say: "The human revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation, and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of all humankind." Namene Solar Light provides people a safe, affordable, sustainable solution to lighting through our SM100 Solar Light which contributes to improving the lives of humanity. My job is my mission- to improve the lives of others.

Sána Sigola

Administrative Coordinator

“Everyone on the planet deserves to have sustainable, reliable and affordable power” 
This is our vision here at Namene Solar Light Company.
We're actively bringing sustainable, reliable and affordable power with our SM100 solar light to as many people as we can. The climate is changing and we need to change, finding lighting solutions is one of the many steps that we have to take towards helping our planet, which in turn helps humanity. Working in a company that has the same values that help, not damage the planet is empowering, therefore we want to empower others with our simple yet powerful solar light. 

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